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Manufactured to the Highest Quality Available. With True Enhanced Performance. In Illustrator CS5 Essential Training author Mordy Golding explains the core concepts and techniques that apply to any workflow in Illustrator whether designing for print the web or assets for other applications.

This course includes a detailed explanation of the elements that make up vector graphics paths strokes and fills and shows how to use each of Illustrator's drawing tools. Also demonstrated are techniques for bining and cleaning up paths organizing paths into groups and layers text editing working with color effects and much more.

Exercise files acpany the course. Course Topics: Setting up a new document based on the output destination.

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Premium All-in-One For Dummies

Using rules guides and grids. I agree with Sherry, Matt, and Jack that measuring in picas is easier and more logical than measuring in inches. And it is not true that only people who worked in newspapers understand picas. You can move or adjust objects by a tenth of a point 0. I ask people who wonder about picas: Why is the gutter space in columns.

Why such an odd number, and not.

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Could it be a conversion from millimeters? Nope, the gutter in millimeters is 4.

Why not 4 mm or 5 mm? Then I switch to picas and voila! The gutter space is 1 pica. Please, where did those icons go in CC? Hello, I am having way too much trouble with Indesign to the point I just hate this program. I changed the visualization of the document in preferences like you said to high quality but the document which is from Illustrator still looks like crap when before it looked good. Also, the option in object that also says to change the visual quality is greyed out and I have no clue why aor how to change it.

Getting desperate here, please help! And YES. Use picas everybody. I never place. I place the native. I remember the olden days in college with fondness…when we actually learned about points and picas and drew letters with pencil on tracing paper to learn about line spacing, word spacing, and kerning. Our fonts were Helvetica, Bodoni, Garamond, and oops, too vintage here…I forget. Type On!

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I change my document to inches but when I open a new document it reloads picas. How do I keep this custom setting for all future documents? Igor Freiberger. Joe Stafford. Good stuff.

Longtime newspaper designer before moving into corporate marketing and advertising, so I love picas. Heh heh. Anyway, thanks again. Typical display is basically downgrading the visual quality for better stability.

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To avoid having your file corrupted, the following tricks are really good suggestion: 1 Keep the Image quality to Typical and manually change the quality page-by-page when you want to check the final results only. That thing is a mess and Adobe refuse to recognize its related issues. Especially with InDesign CS6 or lower. Just want to put in a defense for the pica. But, everyone has their own preferences.

Who wrote this? Mike Rankin or Kelly Kordes Anton?

Is one of these the pen name for the other? Units are units. Lucky for you, you can use a number of different units as mentioned above, you are on a computer after all. Besides, there are far more actually impactful things to be concerned about. Nancy Thompson. Lighten Up Does anyone really like that awful Dark interface? Keep Line Spacing Consistent When do you not want the leading to be the same within a paragraph? Rulers that Rock Guess what system of measurement I learned in grade school in the s?

More Careful Kerning Keyboard shortcuts for kerning and tracking are awesome for quickly experimenting with type and for copyfitting. Ditch the Typical Display Why would I want my stunning inch iMac monitor to display jagged graphics?

Spend Less Time on Links By default, every time you open an InDesign document, the links to graphics and text files are checked. David Creamer May 23, at pm. Sorry—all my returns and line breaks were wiped out when I posed. May 28, at pm. SherryO February 18, at am. Matt Mayerchak May 28, at pm. Guest May 29, at am. Nina Messina June 28, at pm. Kginch June 2, at pm. Eugene June 5, at am.

Guest June 6, at pm. Mike Zielinski May 9, at pm. Steve Jenks June 9, at am. David Blatner June 9, at pm. Jane Garrud June 16, at am. Terre Dunivant June 18, at pm. Carlos Estrello July 8, at pm.


Isaiah Sheppard July 16, at am. Mark Meredith January 6, at am. Brook January 29, at am. Yvette Hunt May 5, at pm. Mike Rankin May 5, at pm.