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I paid them by credit card and then called my credit card company. The credit card company did not charge me. About six months later they started calling me, some times more than once a day, telling me they wanted to refund my money. I tell them that is not necessary and hang up. The calls do not stop. Recently, I told one caller that I was sorry that he had to resort to crime to make a living but I was not going to let him into my computer.

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He then told me it was the only way he could make a living and he needed the money. He then asked me if I would send some money any amount via Pay Pal. This is a new twist. I told him "no". A few minutes later, I got another call and the man was very rude and used obscene language. I've considered changing my phone number, but my luck, I'll get one that is already in their system. It may be true that this is the only way these people can make a living.

It is sad but it is also very annoying. I was so depressed after I've realised it was a scam. They got all the info about me, email, birthdate, address, mobile no. I have changed my credit card and did system recovery with my computer.

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And now its been a year and they keep calling me but I dont answer my phone anymore. Does anyone know how can I report this if I'm in australia? Will my computer be okay after the system recovery? Download anydesk remote control 3. I guess they will install malware through the remote control. I've just had a call from a woman from "windows" I was so appalled that it was I then hung up. Unfortunately the number was withheld.

The thing is I have literally just bought a new pc and could easily have fallen for this if it hadn't been for the time of call. I got a call from them today. I automatically knew it was a scam. So it's some guy with an Indian accent he's say he's from windows and he notices a problem with my pc. He basically just talking in circles. Then he tells me to go to my PC and download something. And I tell him No cause he's a scammer. He's tries to convince me he's not cause he didn't ask for any money and he will prove that he's not a scammer if I just follow his directions yada yada yada.

So the jig is up and he's still tryna keep up with the charades at this point. So I starting laughing cursing him out and insulting him.

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Asking why he's come over to america to scam people and to get a real job. Ask him how many people have he scammed and hacked today? You can't run game on me. He's lowkey trying not to laugh. So this goes on for about 15 minutes back and forth and he's still tryna keep up with the charades that he's from windows. So at the end of the call he asking me for my real name and tells me that we can be friends and he'll call back tomorrow so we can talk about things not pretaining to pcs..

Asked him how "How do you go from a scammer to a pick up hot line? Got a call this morning from a guy with an Indian Accent claiming to be working for the Microsoft Dept. Already that didn't sound right to me! It was a big red flag. He was polite and I wanted to find out more about his service, so to speak. He told me that my computer was registered with them and that he could see that it was infected. I asked him if he could tell me which one. And he replied by "I know you have several computers, but I can help you with that.

It is your Windows computer". Well, except i don't have Windows, because they always get infected and i prefer Mac anyway. This is when he told me that I would get transferred to the Mac Dept. Lots of noises in the background and then I was transferred supposedly to the Mac Dept. He asked me to go on my computer and type "www. I told him that I would have to talk to my husband who is in Cyber, but need to have their phone number so I can call them back.

This is when he said that I could not call them directly, but that i could give him my email address and he will email me the link with the company info.

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  6. I asked him "What would you get in return if I do this? Do you require payments over the phone? How do I know you are not a fake? If you ask them for their company name or their supervisors name they hang up right away. I wish there was a way to block their calls or something. It is basically harassment. I find that squeezing an airhorn directly into the phone provides me with intense satisfaction. Of course, it may be that I've blown out their vestibular system, but, you knew the job was dangerous when you took it. No, I did not need an international prefix as this number works right round the world!

    She also said she would send me an email confirming the problem which was interesting as I didn't tell her what my email address is and she didn't ask Here in New Zealand I believe we can report such calls to the Commerce Commission but again apart from logging them and warnings being issued on their website they can't do much.

    Re that free call number, that also was interesting as my phone logged Caller ID as , If we ignore the first three zeroes that may indicate the call was made from Auckland, New Zealand, area. So far my Mac! Very persistent callers. Sounded like they were from India.

    dustnickdonota.cf456_worm_osx Virus Found scam on Mac (removal video).

    Got very aggressive when I said they sounded like Indian people. Rang back several times. Scared to turn off my computer as think they have locked it so that cannot use it again. I will have to but do not know how to undo the damage. Given gmail address as possibly cannot use my computer and access my bigpond address. I received two call today from very foreign accent men who both said they were from Windows and they were getting messages that my computer had a very serious virus and they would walk me through the problem.

    I hung up on the first one this morning. This evening I received another call with the same story. I acted like I believed it but said I was in the middle of frying meat and I would have to call them back when I got to my computer.

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    They gave me the following number to call. I did not call back but am posting this message instead. Many of user face such issues in USA. Many agency told like this and tell the user to hire us. I would like to suggest only believe at some genuine service provider. I told them I just had new windows installed in my house and didn't need any new ones and she hung up. Microsoft office was turning my windows settings off and trying to chardge for new drivers and then disabled drivers on my computer that was working fine for 9 monthes before they started playing money games -- they had tech still logged in and moving arrow on my mouse and stuff -- spyhunter4 from enigma software has my old crash reports and i paid Geeks tech support dollars for 5 years to fix up what microsoft office messed up on purpose and tried charging outlandish prices to fix -- all was fixed except i went from windows 10 back to windows 7 and is still that way because facebook is crooked enough that they tried charging dollars to reinstall window 10 and blue screen crashes have just started again -- i,m ready to have geeks tech support fix it again and turn the reports into trade commission , better bussiness bureau or the trade center -- Microsoft office has over complaints on Twitter for the exact same thing and nothing ever done about it.

    They hate questions. I started asking about the date and error code, their name and employee ID, but the one that got them to hang up? I called the number and was told this person Indian accent worked for Microsoft and my computer was infected with a Zeus Trojan Virus. Through remote access I was shown I have errors on my computer and several Windows programs were not working.