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When trying to determine reasonable prices for discontinued equipment I consider several factors.

Apple Macintosh Powerbook 5300c (1995) Full Tour and Disassembly

First I set a floor for a given model based on what used equipment dealers like Sun Remarketing are willing to pay for inventory and by what repair shops will pay for parts. Then I set a ceiling based on two thirds of typical prices for a model at used computer dealers. Used computer dealers can charge more than individuals because they do offer warranties that provide some protection against buying a lemon.

PowerBook 100 series

Nonetheless the Macintosh market moves so fast that dealers of used equipment sometimes aren't able to unload inventory before the price of equivalent new models drops below what they paid for inventory. The existence of many of these dealers is marginal and depends heavily on customers who assume that new equipment is more expensive than old and that mail order is cheaper than buying from the local dealer, neither of which is necessarily true.

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Thus I also considered the prices of equivalent and better new machines as well. The real kicker here is the LC a. Very few used Macs currently being offered for sale have as much horsepower as this machine though some may have additional features such as a monitor or more slots.

However very few people buying used equipment need more than one expansion slot.

PowerBook 160

Thus as a buyer or a seller ask yourself what a machine is worth compared to an LC Within this range I try to set the suggested price in the ballpark of the lowest asking price I've seen on Usenet or elsewhere. Finally I adjust the prices a little between models to make sure that equivalently capable used Macs cost about the same amount. Steve Jobs didn't care for this, and in ended the short-lived era of Mac clones. This PowerBook packed a punch, but its glass jaw was a lithium-ion battery that burst into flames on two pre-production units, forcing an expensive and embarrassing recall.

Once again, Apple raised the performance bar without a hitch.

Identification and Background

Jonathan Ive's translucent Bondi blue plastic case was copied shamelessly in computer and consumer devices worldwide, and the powerful iMac sold well to both old Mac fans and new Windows converts. Although ridiculed as a Hello Kitty toilet seat, Apple's first portable computer brought Wi-Fi to the masses with its optional AirPort wireless networking.

Vintage Macintosh PowerBook c Laptop Apple Mac C - for sale online | eBay

Twice as fast as a G3 at the same clock speed, the Power Mac G4 was so speedy it was classified as munitions, and its export to certain countries restricted. The 8-inch cube looked cool, and it got a chilly reception. Sure, it had radical industrial design, but it was too expensive, underpowered and hard to upgrade. PowerBook G4 January Apple has a hit-or-miss history with portables, but it crushed one out of the park with the introduction of the PowerBook G4. It had brute force and a good-looking titanium case. Flat-panel iMac January The original iMac was a tough act to follow, but Ive found inspiration in a sunflower when creating the flat-panel iMac.

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Power Mac G5 June The machines in Apple's Power Mac G5 lineup are the first personal computers based on bit processors, the powerful chips previously used only in servers and workstations. The G5 is also distinguished by its clean, anodized-aluminum enclosure.

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