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The trigger mechanism is spelled out here. There are other checks within in this. Similarly, Rich Trouton has also of course previously documented the trigger necessary to do an automated install of the latest Java 6 update available in Software Update, which uses an environment variable instead of a trigger file. The tags are something that the Software Update framework or helper tools can parse to filter out candidate update packages. Now that we know the trigger file needed, the rest is straightforward.

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A simple, though not exactly clean, way to do this is to scrape the output of the softwareupdate utility to extract the label for the update we want. I have a general-purpose script for installing Xcode CLI tools on This is less than ideal, because if either the wording of the update, or the command output formatting of softwareupdate were to change, this tool would break and we would need to fix it.

The instructions in the alert box are confusing. If you have a slow Internet connection, it may take many minutes. If the download takes a very long time over an hour or fails, you can try an alternative.

You'll be asked to agree to the terms of the Apple Developer Program. You'll see a list of software packages you can download.

Look for the latest version of Command Line Tools and click to download the. Downloading the. Install the.

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It required a huge download of the full Xcode package from the Mac App Store or registration as an Apple developer for a smaller Command Line Tools package. With the GCC compiler installed, you can install any Unix system tools you need for software development. Want to learn Ruby on Rails?

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  • MacOS Sierra.
  • Universal nightly builds for Mac OS X (10.6+ and 10.9+).
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See What is Ruby on Rails? Is this helpful? Your encouragement fuels the project.

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Please tweet or add a comment. Couldn't get something to work? For the example apps and tutorials, it's best to open an issue on GitHub so we can help you. Complete guide to installation. Open the Terminal Application Step 3. Is XCode Already Installed?

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    Install the Command Line Tools (without Xcode) on macOS Mojave - Build C, C++ programs

    Terminal Application The Terminal application or console gives us access to the Unix command line, or shell.