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Given the machine's age, it might be tempting to think of the computer as outdated. However, for specific uses such as video editing or even server hosting, the small Mac mini is an ideal alternative to the barebones PC. In something of a departure from the often-seen all-in-one iMac , the mini includes no monitor or keyboard and mouse combo. If you want to make the transition from PC to Mac, you'll like that the mini works seamlessly with many of your old PC components.

Given the low-profile design, Mac mini devices are excellent workhorses to augment existing desktops. If you want to mix audio without bogging down your desktop machine, you'll appreciate the Apple Mac mini's ability to complete such tasks. This device also has several others uses. If you want a more robust version of the Apple TV, you'll appreciate the mini's significantly larger hard drive for storing movies. In addition, the mini's improved CPU is capable of executing other tasks, such as backing up your mobile phone's photos, while streaming movies to your TV.

In this sense, the mini is a personal server too. If you want a local device that'll store and render video you're editing while also hosting a website, the mini is capable of multitasking in the background without sucking power from an unused monitor.

Apple Mac mini (2018)

In fact, with the right software, you can even remotely access the mini. Keeping in mind that Apple got out of the monitor scene years ago, most modern monitors built for your PC also work with the mini. The Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3 ports make connecting most monitors possible, and the MacOS has built-in support for third-party external monitors. If you want to stream movies to your TV and have the connectivity to use two computer monitors, the mini can transition between those tasks with ease.

Whether you want to host your own home server or just plug your old PC components into a new Mac, a Mac mini will fill both of these roles admirably. Processor Type The Processor Type indicates the series, generation, and inherent specifications of the processor being used by the computer.

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Processor Speed Processor Speed indicates how quickly a computer can process data and complete tasks. Capacity Capacity is the total amount of storage on a hard drive. Graphic Card The primary function of a Graphics Card is to output images onto a display. Search within results Search. You can only compare up to 4 items. Remove items from bar below to add more.

Apple Mac Mini โ€“ Best Prices Comparison

Please try searching for a similar item from a different brand or model. Third party memory won't cost anywhere near that much, but trying to fit it yourself could void your Apple warranty.

Sadly, memory is as far as you get in terms of Apple-approved upgrades, with everything else absolutely sealed within the Mac Mini's body. If you want to upgrade the storage or change any other aspect of your Mac Mini's performance you will have to do so via an external drive or enclosure.

Why I bought a Mac mini in 2018

Back to top. The Mac Mini is a fine upgrade to the older Mac Mini, and it's great to see that Apple is still committed to providing a standalone Mac desktop machine. However, as I reviewed and tested the Apple Mac Mini , I couldn't help be reminded of another, earlier Mac product that looked great at a somewhat high price. No, it's not the previous Mac Mini although it has been a while since it updated the Mac Mini line , but all through the testing time for the Mac Mini , I couldn't help but think of the Power Mac G4 Cube.

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Like the Mac Mini , it was a great looking standalone desktop Mac system that seemed to be before its time, sold at a premium price. It didn't sell well, because it was never really clear who the Power Mac G4 Cube was for. Those who wanted configurability would buy the regular G4 Macs and I do miss those clever flip-out cases, if anyone at Apple is listening making the Power Mac G4 Cube a real niche product.

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I can't help but get that feeling about the Mac Mini Yes, if you're an existing Mac Mini owner who has been holding out for an update, it's an easy recommendation, because it's faster and more flexible than the old Mac Mini. The older Mac Mini models were considerably cheaper than the new Mac Minis, and in a way that made them a very good choice overall compared to Apple's output at the time.

The asking price of a Mac Mini is lower than that of the cheapest iMac, but that's for a unit with a paltry GB of onboard storage. Bump that up to a more acceptable GB, and you're looking at a price point more than that of the entry level 21 inch iMac โ€” a unit that comes with a 1TB hard drive. It's not quite as fast as the Mac Mini, because you'd be opting for a 7th Generation Intel Core processor but for the everyday consumer, it's more than fast enough, and you get all the peripherals you need at no extra cost.

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  7. If you didn't want or need them, you could conceivably flog them off online and recoup a little bit of your iMac buying price. Well, except for the screen of course. At the Mac Mini 's price point, for most users it's hard to justify. There's a niche that will love its flexibility, or the fact that there's once again a "headless" Mac to buy, but for most users looking for a new computer, if Apple's the way you want to go, the 21 inch iMac is arguably the better buy.

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