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Now you may want to install a GB SSD and simply use it as a boot device and as a place to store your most frequently used applications.

This is certainly the least expensive approach. There are numerous advantages to a larger drive, however.

What's the best Mac cloning software?

You can always store your hefty data on an external drive, of course, but for working projects I recommend using your fast internal SSD. So decide, first, how much storage you can actually utilize before making any buying decisions. Decisions, decisions! Crucial also has two high-capacity SSDs - the older GB M and the recently released 1 Terabyte M, which sports faster speeds than the M series but is still available at a reasonable price. I would recommend any of these three drives, now, for those wanting the higher capacity.

See a review of the M series here.

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Beware, though, as it is primarily geared towards Windows users. Unfortunately, the majority of SSDs fall in the latter category. That, alone, may not be a showstopper for you in determining which brand of SSD to purchase, but it should at least give you pause. Before you begin your MacBook Pro surgery, here is a checklist of things you should have on hand:.

There are two ways to go about getting the data from your old drive to your SSD. The second is simply to install the SSD into your hard drive bay and your old hard drive into your enclosure and boot from the enclosure. No one way is better than the other. After the clone is complete, restart your computer whilst holding down the option key and select the SSD as the boot drive. Either method should work just fine. Now that you have your cloned SSD in your hard drive bay, you should be able to hold down the option key and boot from the SSD.

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Not sure what TRIM does? Note that with every. I just make it a habit when I update my system. You should be up and running now, enjoying the many benefits of a SSD — particularly speed. The only problem that some people have run into, in my experience, has been with a faulty SATA cable affecting models more than any other. Until recently, though, you really couldn't upgrade your flash storage. Keep the enclosure connected to the computer and restart the computer. Hold down the "option" key as it reboots until a boot option menu shows up.

Remove your new hard drive from the external enclosure and install it in your computer. Installation instructions are available for a variety of Macs. Cancel: I did not complete this guide. Badges: This guide was straightforward and helpful along the way when I replaced my hard drive! My only comment is that this should be a link in the "MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Early Hard Drive Replacement" article, since the Youtube videos link to each other, but the articles do not. Thanks for all your help with these fantastic guides! Great except you extol the use of the SATA Wondercable but you don't sell it hen I followed the link to eBay, it listed dozens of various adapters.

Everything went very well with a big bonus. My older version of Photoshop does not work with the newer Mac operating systems. You will have to use something like Winclone to do that.

Replacing your HDD with an SSD – it is easier than you might think. Just follow our how-to guide!

Difficulty Easy. Steps Time Required 3 - 4 hours. Sections 1. How to Clone an Existing Drive 12 steps. Flags 0. Parts Buy these parts.

Why is it recommended to clone Mac hard drive to SSD?

Step 1 How to Clone an Existing Drive. Add a comment. Add Comment Cancel.

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    How to Clone HDD to SSD on Mac?

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