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A welcome upgrade, Apple's latest Mac mini lives for the moment

Except for the Mac mini servers, all Minis through the Mid model have built-in optical drives. None of the servers and no Minis introduced since have the option of a built-in optical drive. The and earlier models have UltraATA optical drives. Post models have SATA optical drives, making it easier to swap in a second hard drive should you choose to do so. The Mac mini went back to 4 USB ports in In , Apple went back to four USB ports with its redesigned case.

Estimating Mac mini Performance

If you want USB 3. The original spec is now known as FireWire , and it is standard on all Mac minis through With the model, Apple moved to FireWire , which is backward compatible with FireWire devices with the right cable. FireWire was standard through With the models, Apple dropped built-in FireWire completely, although you can use a Thunderbolt adapter if you need to connect FireWire devices. Speaking of Thunderbolt, that first came to the Mac mini with the Mid revision with 10 Gbps of bandwidth.

The Late model bumped that to 20 Gbps. The Mid and later models support output to one display using HDMI and another using Thunderbolt digital video output. In , some models the 2. The entry-level 1.

Inside the Mac mini: CPU, SSD, RAM, T2

OS X Apple raised the bar with the Early Mac mini, supporting up to 8 GB of system memory, which is adequate for most users running most versions of the Mac OS. However, the Late Mac mini has its system memory soldered in place, so be sure you buy it with enough memory going forward. The Mid Mini has built-in Apple built Bluetooth 2. The Mid model moved to Bluetooth 4.

Every Mac mini through the Late models uses an external power supply. Every Mac mini starting with the Mid model has a built-in power supply.

The New Mac mini is Quickly Turning into a Disaster

If you want to run anything newer than OS X If you have a lot of open apps or open browser windows, seriously consider going to 8 GB. At this point, only the most serious power users need more than that. If you opt for the Mac mini, be sure you buy it with enough system memory.

My library file is about 17mb and xml file is about 34mb and the media folder about gb inc some movies on an external drive. I keep looking at upgrading but just based on your raw single thread horsepower numbers above the very latest mac mini is about 2. Do you have any experience of this sort of thing?

No experience in this area. I would use Disk Utility to verify the drive and its file structure. Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations. Peter writes for 9to5Mac.

Inside the Mac mini: CPU, SSD, RAM, T2

He has a passion for music and technology and has accepted the Bluetooth audio revolution, but will never give up the beauty of vinyl. November 2, Peter Cao's favorite gear. A revolution in computing. The long gap between updates lent itself to speculation, with Apple fans compiling wish lists for the new Mac mini. You can stack it on top of the previous Mac mini, and it lines up perfectly.

MacStadium co-location center uses thousands of Mac minis. Among other clever uses for the Mac mini, we see them in a co-location data center where 8, Mac minis are deployed. It certainly may discourage upgrading the machines in enterprise environments.

The New Apple Mac Mini 2018 Is Described As Awesome But Is It A Good Pro Tools Machine?

Whether you should upgrade from the previous Mac mini is a no-brainer: Do it. Closed captioning available on our YouTube channel. Here's the new Mac mini in just 2 minutes Here's the new Mac mini in just Macworld Ep.

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The new Mac mini is here, and we take the wraps off of it and give it a quick look before putting it through a series of tests. Get the Apple Watch Series 3 at Walmart for the lowest prices ever. At a Glance. Apple Mac mini 3. Table of Contents Who is the Mac mini for? Who is the Mac mini for?