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Does it have compact video playback function which plays video in any format with good quality? Ok, now let's look at the top 3 best free video player for Mac with the above reference in mind. As the top-notched video player for Mac macOS Catalina included , 5KPlayer is a comprehensive video player for Mac which integrated with three main functions: video music playback , online video downloading YouTube , and media free streaming. VLC media player is one of the most stable, flexible and lightweight video players for Mac around today, especially when compared to others in playing unusual video formats.

V10 bit codes plus multi-threaded decoding for H.

Hardware accelerated decoding for HD and UHD

But VLC audio delay problem still needs to be solved as soon as possible to give back the ultimate video audio enjoyment for its users. Integration with web channel streaming services: Just right-click or CMD-click on the playlist, select Services Discovery and Channels. With its accumulated skills in Mac-based programs, Elmedia Player for Mac well understand what Mac users really need when they need to download a video player for Mac to play lists of media files. Flexible Playback Experience: You may watch the videos in full-screen mode, hide the control panel, or pin the video playback Windows to tier-one.

Downloading, Installing + Running Unity 3D on a Mac + Hello World

Some of the information contained in this post requires additional references. Please edit to add citations to reliable sources that support the assertions made here. Unsourced material may be disputed or deleted. According to this Apple document :. With FBX for QuickTime, digital artists can share, view, and interact with 3D content seamlessly, efficiently, and at no cost.

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Referring to the first answer there's no " Tools " menu to start with what is the Mac equivalent? Still this is a partial solution for me in that I can't properly enjoy the movies because of the wrong aspect ratio.

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Furthermore, the refresh rates needed for alternating glasses is easily achieved by Macs produced in the last 10 or more years. The same goes for 3D encoding schemes where half of the screen goes to each eye with a prism or mirror to help the process. Lastly, the encoding that uses color shifting is fine with the resolution for Macs so unless your 3D has some odd requirements that you don't list, the answer is yes.

What you need to see that content in 3D is a 3D display system. I use a pair of Vuzix video eyewear connected to me Mac or, with an alternate Controller interface box , I can also connect them to my iPhone or iPad and watch 3D content from those as well. Try ATK Player. It presents 3D videos in red-cyan, green-magenta or amber-blue mode. You need a suitable glasses to watch your 3D videos. When the Video Effects pop-up window is displayed, select the Miscellaneous tab and tick the Anaglyph option.

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There are some available color-coded 3D movies available, you need cheap color glasses instead of electric synchronized and extremely costly ones. Most common is the famous red-and-blue style. Common cinema movies from like Avatar are displayed in a different brown-and-green color spectrum.

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Now when your video looks ok, you just hold the control key and scroll the trackpad to zoom your screen into one of the 2 videos. I continue to look for the hassle-free option for 3D playback; and therefore, no one should wonder why I should come up with another stereoscopic 3D media player…wait, Bino is not yet another stereoscopic 3D media player. Bino is a free, open source, cross-platform, stereoscopic 3D media player that does not need external codecs for playback. I have tested Bino Windows version 1.

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Bino did a good job in designing a simplistic interface; it is something you may like. Not sure about 3D capability of Linux either.

Playing different stereoscopic 3D files with this software is relatively easy. If I change the aspect ratio in the Current Video Settings to which is the aspect ratio of the file in my case , it looks cropped. Well, makes sense, I just wish it could be automatic.

Use MediaInfo download here , install or run as a portable app , open, drag-n-drop the file onto the interface. Get what you need!